The Laws of the Game: Avoiding Your Condo’s Red Card

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The Laws of the Game: Avoiding Your Condo’s Red Card

World Cup fever is underway from the color and drama of the opening ceremony, the roar of the fanatical fans and the much hoped for sweet taste of victory for your favorite team!

As a fan, one of the greatest frustrations is a game where a player exhibits poor sportsmanship or simply breaks FIFA’s ‘Laws of the Game’. Play is halted, spectators protest and the matter corrected (hopefully fairly!) so that play can resume. Every player must adhere to the rules to enhance enjoyment for the supporters and success for the team.

Condominium associations, much like football, have rules known as covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). CC&Rs play a crucial role in keeping the association running smoothly. CC&Rs are legally binding rules and regulations that each homeowner agrees to when he or she purchases a unit within the association. If owners rent out their homes, it’s the owner’s responsibility to inform the tenants of the CC&Rs. CC&Rs include stipulations on assessments, maintenance of the property, use of the property and the governance of the association. While they may seem arbitrary, the legally enforceable CC&Rs have been developed, not to be restrictive, but to enhance the enjoyment of the property for all of the owners and residents by creating a fair standard. The next time you think of ‘bending’ one of your condo’s rules, think about how valuable rules are to the game of football!

Have you checked out your condo’s CC&Rs lately? If not, now’s a great time to brush up on the do’s and don’ts of the community so that you can avoid a red card!

If you need assistance or advice in managing your condominium association, contact Masterkey.  With our vast experience we would be thrilled to referee your team!


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