Unlock your property’s potential in 2014

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Unlock your property’s potential in 2014

Masterkey’s Ten New Year’s Resolutions for the Property Owner and Condo Board







  • Set aside a reserve fund for unexpected repairs or apartment vacancies
  • Plan your 2014 projects in advance to ensure sufficient funding.  If possible, schedule your project for earlier in the year when contractors are typically less busy
  • Review your current vendor contracts and see if there are improvements to be made in price or service


  • Add alternative energy sources
  • Update toilets, faucets and showers to low-flow options and appliances to energy-efficient ones
  • Upgrade hardware, gates, light fixtures or signage to improve aesthetics


  • Undertake preventive maintenance on your equipment to reduce downtime, extend its life and decrease repair costs.
  • Maintain your tenant relationships by rewarding excellent tenants with no rent increases
  • Maintain open lines of communication with condo homeowners to avoid misunderstandings and ‘Board bashing’


  • Most landlords and condominium Boards are too busy to keep on top of the ‘to-do’ list.  The right professional property management company is the key to your property’s success.  Reach out to Masterkey Management Ltd.  We’ll relieve some of the strain and help make 2014 your property’s best year yet!

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